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Over the Rainbow with Shaina Kasztelan

Somewhere over the Rainbow is Another Rainbow at Hatch Hamtramck is Shaina Kasztelan’s poison pen love letter to kitsch and consumerism.    This Detroit artist and recent CCS grad  seems to simultaneously love and hate the symbols and materials that she uses to create her wildly entertaining  installations, paintings and sculptures.


Many artists in Detroit  are enthusiastic collagists of  gritty urban substance,  their  artworks depending on the inherent material  integrity of the parts to lend credibility to the whole. In contrast, Kasztelan employs the same assemblage method but uses materials that are the antithesis of authenticity.  They are, in fact, intentionally notable for their fakeness. The color is super-sweet, the forms mass market.  She  combines polyester fur, hobby shop jewels, plastic inflatables  and synthetic hair in obsessive aggregations, reaching new heights of  over-saturated,  over-the-top  visual hysteria.

I was surprised to learn that this is Kasztelan’s first  solo show.  The work seems confident, the installation expert.   The friendly yet knowing mood of the exhibit reminds me most of John Waters’s movies with their gleeful embrace of low-brow mass culture and transgressive imagery.Kaztelan Devil

Kasztelan seems especially  at ease in three dimensions. The most assured and  ambitious work in the show, entitled The Alien with the Drake Tattoo/Dedicated to the Butterfly,  is a kind of altar (complete with Juggalo nativity) that seems to burst out of a black cloud (of depression?)  She seems less at ease in the conventional rectangular format of her paintings, which felt a bit awkward to me. But she has very cleverly circumvented this unease in The Devil’s Vibrating Smile by applying the  imagery to clear vinyl. My favorite piece was a fake fur potted plant infested with tiny toy babies and topped by a pink plastic bouffant, entitled Baby Cactus is Happy. This show made me happy too.Kasztelan revised 1

Somewhere over the Rainbow is a Double Rainbow is at Hatch Hamtramck until May 28.  For more information for hours and events go here.

Solo Exhibit Opportunity at Whitdel

Whitdel Arts, located at 1250  Hubbard Street in Detroit, is accepting submissions for solo shows to be held in April/May of 2016.  Whitdel is an attractive and well-lighted, non- profit street-level exhibition space in Detroit where I’ve shown my work from time to time. Calls for Art at Whitdel draw applicants nationally. I’ve seen the work of many first-rate artists from Chicago and New York there as well as great art from Southeast Michigan and the Toledo area. My experience with the gallery has been uniformly positive, and I would recommend it to any artist who would like to explore exhibition opportunities in Detroit and who feels it’s time for a comprehensive survey of his/her work.

Usually the shows at Whitdel are booked at least a  year in advance, but  a couple of slots have opened up for  April and May of this year (prime time!) There is a small application fee of $15. For more information on how to apply go to: http://www.whitdelarts.com/solo-show/