Artist in Residency in the Burren


I wanted to let you all know I am the current resident at the Burren College of Art in Ireland. I am here through April with plans to attend another resident afterwards in France or Berlin. The Burren is a magical place from what what I have seen so far. The landscape is wild, ruff and strikingly beautiful even in its current wet season.

“The Burren derives its name from the Gaelic “bhoireann” which means “a stony place”. The stone in question is mainly carboniferous “karst” limestone. Hundreds of thousands of years old, it defines the unique landscape surrounding the College – in strange, yet beautiful, bare and fissured terraces than many compare to a moon landscape, which hide a myriad of caves beneath.

Though bare at first glance, the stony outward face of the Burren is far from barren. Within the many crevices and cracks, which punctuate its craggy pavement hills, grow some of the world’s rarest flowers. This remarkable terrain is also home to a rich variety of fauna. Its equally lively bird and marine life is interesting too for the sheer diversity and quantity of species.” – Excerpt fromThe Burren college website

The studio spaces are an open construction that you share with other artists, students and graduates. The community of artist are open and engaging. The collage is situated next to the little town of Ballyvauhan, a fishing village on the coast. The villagers have embraced the school and visiting artists with open arms.

I would be more then happy to share more of my experiences on my return to the states in June. If anyone is interested, more information on the residency can be found on there website.



Chicago and Ann Arbor mentioned in Atlantic CityLab Report on the Arts

Yet another article on the economic importance of the arts.  We say it and say it, but is anyone listening?

Note the chart that indicates that Chicago, while hosting an important arts cluster,  is still less artcentric than its population should suggest.  Ann Arbor is listed as “punching above its weight” in the arts, but I hasten to add that this analysis includes all arts– not just visual arts– music, theater and the like.  My own personal experience in Ann Arbor indicates to me that the town is more supportive of performing arts and music than to visual arts.

May Show Cleveland

Even not being from Toledo, it was impossible to avoid the flap in the Toledo art community over the changes to this show. Those of us that are in it certainly are feeling pretty good but the shows change has reduced the opportunity for Toledo artists to get seen and receive the imprimatur of being in the “Museum”. Here in Cleveland there has been a similar ongoing discussion about the long gone Cleveland Musuem of Art’s May Show. attached is an article written by the one of the more serious gallerists in town who happens to be a huge supporter of local artists. It is an important topic though the answers are not come from a nostalgic look at the past.

Me, I am grateful to have had this opportunity.