3 thoughts on “Julie Friedman Greenhouse Installation”

  1. This is a very good gallery in Cleveland! I had a show there 2 years ago (sold veerrryyy little). I will only be showing this one installation piece in a gallery room. Bill Busta usually has 2-3 artists each have solo type shows at once, each in their own gallery space. Creates a buzz and brings in lots of disparate groups of people. I am installing tomorrow and a little nervous, hope it goes smoothly.


    1. I hope it goes well for you!

      I would love to see the installation, but it’s 3 hours from A2 to Cleveland, so not sure I can make it…weather at this time of year may determine my plans.

      I have a Chicago artist friend, Richard Shipps, who does large scale abstract cut paper pieces (–actually, he makes his work out of Tyvek). He tells me he has quite a following in the Asian community.

      Good luck with the show!


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