Happy Birthday Detroit!


I was honored last week to participate in an exhibition and silent auction in honor of Detroit’s 314th birthday.

All the works in the exhibit related to the city’s early history as a French colony; participating artists were asked to create artworks relating to legends of old Detroit.  The legend of the Nain Rouge and the tale of the Loup Garou were two favorites among many others that the artists chose for their commissioned works.  My own picture “At Askin Point” relates to the tale of La Chasse Gallerie  (The Wild Aerial Hunt).

Like many other arts-related events in Detroit, this was a one-night affair held at the Jam Handy, a former historic movie studio turned events venue.  In addition to the art exhibit and auction,  the “Fest d’Anniversare”  featured a lecture by Amy Elliot Bragg, author of Hidden History of Detroit, on the early history of the city, beer by Brew Detroit and cash bar,  a strolling dinner of French-inspired cuisine created by Upriver Local and music by DJ Erno.

The event was a collaboration of the Detroit Drunken Historical Society and Corktown Studios. To see pictures of the event:


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