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Witness Lab At UMMA

Witness Lab Picture
Artist’s rendering of installation for Witness Lab, at University of Michigan Museum of Art, Feb 14- May 17. Photo courtesy UMMA

Ann Arbor’s Current magazine recently published my preview of the University of Michigan Museum of Fine Art’s winter/spring project Witness Lab, a collaboration between the museum and various segments of the Michigan legal community. The project  highlights the importance of storytelling in the courtroom as a space of performance, and the centrality of lawyers as agents of justice. Roman J. Witt artist-in-residence Courtney McClellan designed this extended series of events, films, performances and lectures around a full-sized courtroom replica, now installed in the museum’s Irving Stenn, Jr. Family Gallery. For a complete list of scheduled events and other information go here  

Call For Artists/Curators Pop X Ann Arbor

POP X is a new public art program that combines art exhibitions and events in purpose-built architectural pavilions.  Sponsors include the Ann Arbor Art Center, the University of Michigan School of Architecture and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. Ten spaces are available to an artist or a group of artists during this  cultural festival, to be held October 15-24, 2015.

According to the recent Ann Arbor Art Center press release:

“Artists and curators are invited to present concepts for exhibitions inside of 100 square foot pavilions that form the core place-making and presentation vehicles for the inaugural  POP X Festival in Ann Arbor’s downtown Liberty Plaza”

Pop X is open to all artists, but is probably most suitable for work that involves performance and/or installation.  There is a $35 entry fee, and the deadline for proposals is April 26th. For more information and a prospectus go to: