New Media in Detroit

Save Art Space

My article in New Art Examiner, The Medium and the Message: New Media and the Democratization of Fine Art in Detroit, has just been published.  In it, I cover the the city’s street art scene, the radical egalitarianism of and  make a visit to a 9-hour new media marathon, live streamed from Detroit to Chicago. Go here to read more.

New-Media-Saveartspace-2, The Future is Female, image by Elise Peterson

3 thoughts on “New Media in Detroit”

  1. KA, I finally had time to sit down and spend some time with your article, The Medium and the Message. I enjoyed it very much. Starting with the spray can was a really clever and engaging beginning. It drew me in immediately. Even though I consider myself part of the community, I find it hard to keep up with the street art scene. Your tracing of its roots in Detroit and the inclusion of Heidelberg, the Bead Museum and Gilbert’s role provided me some much needed context for SaveArtSpace and the live stream experiments. I found the interview with Steadfast and his comment about exploring the rules of new media very thought provoking. I remember Bill commenting that he enjoyed their conversations.

    On a more personal note when do you return from your travels? I would love to get together when your schedule opens up.

    All the best,


    Meighen Jackson

    248.321.1272 49 Amherst Rd. Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069



    1. Thanks for your thoughtful response to my new media article. To tell you the truth I felt a little out of my depth with new media— the aims and assumptions are very different from my ( and I think, your) art practice. Ryan was very helpful though—smart guy and a good writer.


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