Online Marketing Site Features K.A. Letts

Last week I was pleased to be featured by online marketing specialist Ryan Salinetti in her very attractive and professional-looking blog Nice Niche,

Ms.  Salinetti, who designs, creates and curates The Nice Niche, splits her time living and working in Southampton, New York and Lee, Massachusetts. Beyond the services presented on the website, Ryan provides print and web design to a variety of clients among a wide range of industries. She has developed The Nice Niche to provide a visual aide for other artists and small businesses. More of her work can be found on her portfolio website:

I was interested to observe Ryan as she worked on putting together the feature on my work.  Online representation is a dark art to me and although I know online promotion is important for artists, I can’t say that I’m particularly good at it. Plus, it’s time-consuming, and I would rather be making art. Having someone put together  a feature was a real luxury and could be habit-forming!

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