Precious Objects in Toledo

I am been profoundly negligent on getting publicity out on this. This is sort of the year of Toledo for me. The Library is just around the corner from TMA. The interior is filled with Vitrolite architectural glass and is, all in all, a very cool place. Hope some of you can make it to the reception on 4/13 at 6


One thought on “Precious Objects in Toledo”

  1. Chuck I am definitely coming to see the show, although I don’t think I can make the opening (I will be in Seattle). I have work up at Artomatic 419, as do Ben Grazzini and Zak Lyons, and I’ll be down there mixing it up on April 18–I can stop by your show then.

    In other news, Tim Gaewsky has work in the painting show at Ann Arbor Art Center, opening this coming week, which I’m looking forward to seeing.

    I still have hopes and dreams of visiting Cleveland and seeing the art scene there.


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