Priorities of the blog are:

News about the activities, shows, commissions, residencies and the like for individual artists.

Information of general interest to the artists, such as regional and national calls for entry, news and opinion regarding the regional arts scene and institutions serving contemporary artists in the upper Midwest.

General discussion of the particular problems and opportunities for artists living and working in the Rustbelt.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. can you be more specific about what communities and locations you cover? i might “follow” your blog if you gave more clues about what you do. the Rustbelt is a big place.


    1. Hi Martin, right now I’m covering southeast Michigan and northern Ohio, Detroit/Ann Arbor/Toledo these are the places I can get within easy driving distance (since it’s just me writing for now) I am hoping to take on more writers soon so we can cover more of the rust belt. I’d particularly like to cover Cleveland. Which part of the rust belt interests you?


    2. Hi Rick, thanks for the heads up. I’m always looking for new and interesting venues in the Detroit area to review. I will certainly make a point of coming to your event. Am I right to presume that this is a three-day affair only? If you want to get some publicity from my blog, I would be amenable to visiting before the show is officially open with a view to writing something.


  2. Hi Kay,

    I thought that this might interest you and some of the people you know and like.

    333 Midland Announces its Major 2016 Exhibition


    2016 finds 333 Midland in Highland Park, MI, producing its second major event, BIG SCULPTURE @ THE FACTORY.

    BIG SCULPTURE will open to the public on September 16, 17, and 18, 2016, with live music, and locally catered cuisine and beverages.

    BIG SCULPTURE will exhibit more than 100 individual works and installations by more than 50 artists. Some sculpture will be created expressly for this event. From intimate gallery work to BIG floor sculptures and high ceiling suspensions, a wide variety of artists’ work will be on display in two buildings and out of doors on the site property.

    Artists in the exhibition include: Robert Sestok, Charles McGee, Lois Teicher, Ray Katz, Sergio Degiusti, Todd Erickson, Olayami Dabls, and Susan Aaron-Taylor

    In 2014, more than 3,500 people viewed BIG PAINTINGS @ THE FACTORY, 333 Midland’s inaugural exhibition produced by Robert Sestok. BIG PAINTINGS created a distinct buzz in the Detroit arts and artist scene receiving rave reviews in print and online. Since BIG PAINTINGS, people have been clamoring for another great event. BIG SCULPTURE is that event.

    The abandoned 1930’s era stamping plant in Highland Park, MI was purchased in 2013 by New Zealand Artist Robert Onnes. He began the arduous task of renovating the site into artist studios, workshops and gallery space. In 2015 Onnes became a Detroit resident. Currently 333 Midland houses more than a dozen artists. Renovation work continues. The next step for this amazing work-in-progress is 333 Midland’s second major event, BIG SCULPTURE @ THE FACTORY.

    For more information please contact.

    Rick Cronn
    734 972 5042

    Robert Onnes
    333 Midland Street, Highland Park, MI, 48203
    313 649 3243
    333 Midland on Facebook


  3. I was pleased to find your blog, not without a very convoluted meandering on the internet. Trying to figure out the art scene, calls, connections to all that is going on in the Detroit area, is very difficult.
    Thank you for the information you are posting. Looking forward to learning more about what’s going on and where I might fit in.


    1. Hi Claudia, I’m sorry that you had a hard time finding me but glad that you did…the Detroit art scene is lively, but still developing and it can be hard to navigate. Are you new to the area?


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